Step by step instructions to download and install LoadRunner

In the past few months, HP has done a lot of changes to the download location for various software that they offer. Here are the new and updated step-by-step instructions to download and install HP LoadRunner.

  1. Go to LoadRunner Download location.
  2. Hit TRIALS AND DEMOS dropdown and click HP LOADRUNNER 11.0 EVALUATION. download-loadrunner-trial
  3. You will be asked to sign-in to HP Passport Single Sign On service. In case you’ve not registered earlier, complete the ‘New User registration’ form and you will be redirected to evaluation software terms of use. download-loadrunner-sign-in
  4. Click “I Agree” as shown below download-loadrunner-terms-of-use
  5. Download the two files 1) and 2) Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01 as shown below. [You can also download this file to read more instructions from HP]download-loadrunner-both-files
  6. The two files shown above are around 3.2 GB (1.5 GB + 1.8GB) in size. It may take around 2-3 hrs to download (depending upon your internet speed)
  7. Make sure both files are present in the same folder and both files have exactly the same name except for the extension (.zip and .z01).
  8. Download and install Winzip or WinRar. (7zip won’t work here)
  9. Double click on the .zip file and you will see .iso
  10. Extract this iso file using your favorite unzipping software.( I prefer a nice and free utility software called 7zip which can be downloaded here.  You can download and install this utility.)
  11. Once extracted, go inside the folder T7177-15013 and open Install.pdf  file.
  12. Install.pdf contains step-by-step instructions on installing LoadRunner on Windows and Unix platform. Just remember that wherever the instructions refer to installation disk you should go to the folder T7177-15013
  13. That’s It. HP LoadRunner is now installed. Enjoy!

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