Navigation Rules in JSF

In this tutorial you will see How to create Navigation Rules in JSF. Navigation rules are those rules jsf_icon2

provided by JSF Framework which describe which view is to

be shown when a button or link is clicked.

  • Navigation rules can be defined in JSF configuration file named faces-config.xml.
  • Navigation rules can be defined in managed beans.
  • Navigation rules can contain conditions based on which resulted view can be shown.
  • JSF 2.0 provides implicit navigation as well in which there is no need to definenavigation rules as such.

Black horizontal HTML and CSS dropdown menu

Simple and modern looking black menu template, horizontal dropdown web navigation. I will make and share more color skins in one of next posts. Customizable width size, current width of the menu is 950px (to change it edit 5th row in CSS file). If you have an average CSS knowledge, it will be easy to understand and update any detail in CSS code.

Check also two more web navigations in PSD format – website navigation menus set and horizontal HTML & CSS navigation.

horizontal dropdown menu





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Full size – JPG preview: Black dropdown menu

Format: HTML and CSS

Color theme: black, gray

Keywords: download horizontal menu template, black web navigation, web design elements, make your own web navigation

Author: PSD Graphics

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