Java Applet Game Development Tutorials

game developmentJava Game Development Tutorials will give you a very detailed introduction into the development of online games using Java. We will talk about Java Applets because everyone has a Internet browser, so everyone is able to play these games without installing the JDK! The first 5 chapters will lead you from the basic structure of a applet to the development of a whole (although pretty small) game. The next chapters will give you solutions to problems like AI, level editors, random generation of landscapes… . At the end of every chapter you’ll find a link to download the source-code of the applet we programmed in this chapter and you can take a look at the working applet too.

  1. Basic structure of an applet
  2. Animation
  3. Sound und Gif’s
  4. Event handling in applets
  5. The first complete game
    • Outline of the program and structure of classes
    • Random movement of the ball
    • Hit a ball by clicking on it
    • Count score and loose lifes
    • Change the mouse pointer
    • Start the game after double clicing on the applet
  6. Advanced topics
  7. Platform game basics
  8. Unfinished Chapters (only Applets and sourcecode)