Step by Step Guide to configure Router with PTCL modem

Shiro Broadband Router

Step to Configure TP-Link Router

1.Power on Router.
2.Connect your PC/laptop with Router via ethernet cable. [Use Routers LAN ports only not WAN]
3.Your PC automatically gets IP address as default DHCP is enabled on Router.
You get IP from 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x (x: 2-254)
Router default IP varies from model to model either or on router box)
4.Open browser and enter router default IP address according to your router.
5.Router authentication required. By default username/password is admin/admin.
6.TP-Link console opens.
7.Click on Network > LAN, change IP address to Its due to your Modem
default IP address is
8. Its reboots automatically.
9. Now open TP-Link console with new IP address which is
10.Click on Wireless Settings, Change default SSID with your choice like “Johnny”
11.Change other setting as per requirment like country. Rest leave by default.
12.Click on Wireless Security for making your wireless network secure.
13.Use WPA-PSK (Wireless security protocol)
14.Select your desired Encription like AES or TKIP.
15.Enter PSK password.
16. Select DHCP link.
17. Disable it. (As your Modems DHCP is already on)
18. Click system Tools > Reboot.
19. Your Router is ready to use, now just plug the ethernet with modem.

The guide is written because the novice user always in confusion, how to configure router.
Almost all vendors Wireless Router can be configureable with this guide with some minor change.
The Guide is made while the configuration of TP-Link WR-642G.
The Basic concept is to change the Router IP address & disable Routers DHCP service.

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